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Weather condition : "Smoke"

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Weather condition : "Smoke"

Post by JCR255 »

I'm using the weather skin "" , authors : JSMorlev, etc, version June 5,2020.

It works fine, except for today the weather condition is "Smoke".
The image is correct (#22 smoke), so it is getting the code, but the text displays "Partly Cloudy".

Is this a string I can edit? If so where ? I was unable to locate the string list.

The "Smoke" weather condition as shown from the website:
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Re: Weather condition : "Smoke"

Post by jsmorley »

The current conditions text is returned in the measure [@CurrentConditions] from the site. It can't be edited really. It is always possible that the JSON feed could be slightly out-of-sync with the display on the website. I expect this will correct itself very shortly for you.