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Re: Rainmeter

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Magic wrote: October 8th, 2020, 6:20 pm I installed amatical. Actually everything works and looks great except one thing, that's the clock skin,
Does have the Amatical package a clock skin? Because I can't find it. These are the skins I have in this package:
  • Amatical\Cpu\Cpu.ini
  • Amatical\Disk C\Disk C.ini
  • Amatical\Disk D\Disk D.ini
  • Amatical\Disk E\Disk E.ini
  • Amatical\Disk F\Disk F.ini
  • Amatical\Disk G\Disk G.ini
  • Amatical\Disk H\Disk H.ini
  • Amatical\Disk I\Disk I.ini
  • Amatical\Download\Download.ini
  • Amatical\Info\Info.ini
  • Amatical\Player\Player.ini
  • Amatical\Quotes\Quotes.ini
  • Amatical\Ram\Ram.ini
  • Amatical\Settings\Settings.ini
  • Amatical\Upload\Upload.ini
  • Amatical\Visualizer\Visualizer.ini
Which is the skin you have the described problem with?