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[Bug] Rainmeter opens PNGs, ICOs, other files randomly

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Re: [Bug] Rainmeter opens PNGs, ICOs, other files randomly

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jsmorley wrote: July 24th, 2020, 3:53 pm It depends a bit on the plugin in question. For the most part, plugins use the Update() function in the plugin to do the "work", and that is controlled by the update of the skin measure, just like any other measure. There are some, like UsageMonitor, that don't depend on the Update() function, but are always running when they are active in any skin. UsageMonitor really can't be "disabled" once it is running. You can stop it from returning values to the skin, but you really can't stop it from polling the performance counters.

It's up to the plugin author how they structure things, but we recommend that all "work" be done in the Update() function. That gives the most control to the skin author, and is the most efficient way to design things.
Agree. However not a plugin has to be disabled, but the plugin measure, if I'm not mistaken.