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[Feature Suggestion] New Bang !SaveLayout

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[Feature Suggestion] New Bang !SaveLayout

Post by Nickson »

Theres currently a bang to load a layout (!LoadLayout)

It would be nice to have a bang to save the current layout.
!SaveLayoutParameters: LayoutName, Options

Saves the current layout with the specified name and options.
  • LayoutName (required): The name for the layout.
  • Options (optional): Name of one or more options. Names are separated with the | (pipe) character.
  • SaveAsEmptyLayout: If given, set option to true.
  • ExcludeInactiveSkins: If given, set option to true.
  • SaveCurrentWallpaper: If given, set option to true.
!SaveLayout "NameOfTheLayout"
!SaveLayout "NameOfTheLayout" "ExcludeInactiveSkins|SaveCurrentWallpaper"
One thing im not sure about:
When "SaveAsEmptyLayout" is given, then the other options need to be ignored.
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Re: [Feature Suggestion] New Bang !SaveLayout

Post by jsmorley »

I'm not opposed to that in principle. Let us take a look at it.