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[Feature Suggestion] AddHoursToMinutes in Uptime measure

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[Feature Suggestion] AddHoursToMinutes in Uptime measure

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Ok, so I know this can be manually computed in some Calc measures, but since we already have an AddDaysToHours option for the Uptime measure, why not adding an AddHoursToMinutes (possibly even an AddMinutesToSeconds) option that would work along the same lines (i.e. If set to 1 and if %3 (hours) is not used in the Format option, %2 (minutes) is incremented by hours * 60)?

I have a meter where I display the minutes:seconds of some process and I would like it to run for 60 minutes (i.e. one hour, adjustable value), without having to display 01:00:00 (HH:MM:SS), but rather 60:00 (MM:SS). This would also be helpful for football/soccer matches (just an example), where one could display the minute 85:34 in the match using an Uptime measure, without manually computing the two values in Calc measures.