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StartInactive=1 Rainmeter option

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StartInactive=1 Rainmeter option

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I encountered a problem with the Chameleon plugin that causes Rainmeter to both crash and make Rainmeter unusable. The plugin will crash Rainmeter, and because Rainmeter will try to re-load the skin when the program is re-opened, it will cause it to immediately crash again. The only way to get Rainmeter to stop crashing is to change the skin's Y position manually in the Rainmeter.ini, set its Active state to 0, or reinstall Rainmeter if I didn't already know how to edit the ini.
Chameleon 1.6.1 crashes Rainmeter when KeepOnScreen=0, the skin's window is slightly below the bottom of the screen, and the skin is loaded and/or refreshed. If SavePosition=1, and the skin crashes this way, it makes Rainmeter unusable as the app will crash on load.

This will also happen if the skin is moved between one monitor to another in a multi monitor setup.

So far I've only observed this behaviour on Windows 7 as I have no other PC to test with atm.
Kind of like StartHidden, I would like StartInactive (Default 0). Setting StartInactive to 1 would have Rainmeter set the Active state of the skin to 0 when Rainmeter is opened, forcing the skin to be manually reopened each time Rainmeter launches, preventing it from crashing Rainmeter. This would be fine for INIs that don't always need to be open, such as settings menus and other skins that open on demand rather than always sitting in the background.