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Bitlocker causes a problem

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Bitlocker causes a problem

Post by midoriha_senpai »

I have Rainmeter living on a different drive than my operating system. It is locked with Bitlocker. When I log onto my desktop, I have a short window of time to unlock the drive before Rainmeter tries to open. If the drive is not unlocked by then, the Rainmeter icon will show in my taskbar, but none of my skins will load. I have to restart the program before skins will load.

In an ideal situation, I should just be able to right-click and "Refresh all" or something for the program to re-detect the files it needs to run. Can we implement this feature?
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Re: Bitlocker causes a problem

Post by jsmorley »

Doesn't it work when you right-click the Rainmeter tray icon, and select "Refresh all"?

If that doesn't work, create a shortcut somewhere to this program:

That requires that Rainmeter be "running". When it is run, it will exit Rainmeter, wait 2 seconds for things to settle down, and restart Rainmeter.
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Re: Bitlocker causes a problem

Post by SilverAzide »

I assume you are not using Bitlocker's auto-unlock feature for non-OS volumes due to some corporate policy or a personal preference. It is possible to programmatically determine if a volume is locked or unlocked, but the command does require elevation, which will prevent you from being able to build a clean way to automatically run the app and/or load your skins once the volume is unlocked.

If you are curious, the command is manage-bde -status <drive letter:>. You could grab the "Lock Status" value to determine if the drive is ready.

Another way to do it is to not run Rainmeter at Windows startup, and instead use a scheduled task to do it after a period of time. You might be able to configure it to keep retrying if the task fails due to the drive not being ready.
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