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[BUG] Bitsperf.dll faulting & brings down dependent skins

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[BUG] Bitsperf.dll faulting & brings down dependent skins

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Hi - just found a glitch which causes Rainmeter to hang in a frozen state (no error messages). This also affects other monitoring tools, such as Perfmon.
I've recently updated from Win 10 1709 to 1803 and found that 18 minutes following a reboot, the performance counters hang, and this causes rainmeter to hang also. I've also tried this with 8Gadgetpack and had the same result.

I've looked into this by using perfmon and then the Add Counter function, in combination with selective disabling of all DLLs referenced in the library dword of the performance key for each counter. The faulting dll is bitsperf.dll.

Once this is enabled, perfmon hangs in the same way that Rainmeter does.

Can anyone suggest a workaround to this? Is it safe to use a bitsperf.dll from a different source? Is ther ean open source equivalent that Rainmeter can be rigged to utilise?

Looking forward to your feedback.