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MouseLeaveAction on display edge

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MouseLeaveAction on display edge

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Ive noticed that when you place a meter with a MouseOver/MouseLeave action at the very edge of a non-rectangular work area.(multiple screens of differing resolution, or screens that are not directly aligned) it is being triggered repeatedly when the mouse hits that edge. My guess is windows realizes the mouse is off 'screen' and changes its position backwards a single pixel? This repeatedly triggers the action, which in my-case caused the meter to 'strobe' between hidden and shown

Windows 10 1903

One solution I found is removing the 'keep on screen' flag and then moving the meter 1-2 pixels past the edge of the screen. however this is not ideal/intuitive. alternatively hard-coding the location with the !move bang seems to work too, so there might be a way to !move it to its current position -1 pixel WITHOUT causing it to creep up slowly every time the skin refreshes. though I am satisfied with my original solution for personal use, so I'm not digging any deeper
another slightly more 'thorough' fix is to move the 'hide' meter 1 pixel away from the edge, while leaving the show meter directly on it. This will still trigger repeatedly but aside from wasting a few CPU cycles it shouldn't be visible