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Issue with spaces with RunCommand?

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Re: Issue with spaces with RunCommand?

Post by soyelrafa »

jsmorley wrote:
May 1st, 2019, 4:48 pm
I would try:

SKIN:Bang('!SetOption', 'Test', 'Parameter', '\"\"%s\"\"'):format(testing)

I have no idea if the format() function can be used/passed to a SKIN:Bang() function that way, maybe, maybe not.
It seems not, but with your link I finally get it to work:

SKIN:Bang('!SetOption', 'Test', 'Parameter', '""' .. testing .. '""')

This works even with "This is a test" folder.

Thanks so much for helping me to solve this issue!! I were testing and testing since this morning to see where the issue were and I didn't found anything until you help me :thumbup:
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Re: Issue with spaces with RunCommand?

Post by jsmorley »

Great. Glad to help.