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Auto Shutdown Rainmeter when Fullscreen

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Auto Shutdown Rainmeter when Fullscreen

Ascerta » April 1st, 2019, 1:38 pm

Is there any plan to implement this feature in the future? There are some really good-looking visualizers out there, but, they have a high CPU usage, especially when playing on CPU-demanding games, like GTA5.

The only counter to this I've found was to set the "Update" from 10 to 100, it allows to drop the CPU usage while gaming from ~15% to <1%, almost 2 or 3 more FPS according to my tests. However, this new refresh rate doesn't look that good, visually speaking.

So, I've come to the conclusion, the only way to have zero impact on CPU performance while any window or application is set on fullscreen, would be to automatically disable Rainmeter. Just like Wallpaper Engine already does. This feature would be godsent.

Either that, or a custom Rainmeter integration of the skins into Wallpaper Engine, which already has this feature.

Thank you for reading. I will post this on Reddit as well (
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Re: Auto Shutdown Rainmeter when Fullscreen

jsmorley » April 1st, 2019, 2:02 pm

Getting Rainmeter to react to this "automatically" would be challenging to do.

You might look at the IsFullScreen plugin, as that would be the starting point for automating this.

While you might be able to cobble together some Rube Goldberg approach that automates this, the potential for an "endless loop" is very high, and solving that will be complicated to create and maintain. While I could envision an approach that might work, it would be so ugly and fragile that I won't even go into it. I hate the idea that much.

A simple, if not really "automatic" method is just to create two Layouts in Rainmeter. Call one "Normal", which you save when you have all the skins you normally run loaded. The unload all skins, and save another Layout called "Game". Now you can simply switch between them as you like using Manage or the Rainmeter icon content menu. When you want to play a game, load "Game". When you are done, load "Normal".

The trouble with any approach that automatically "unloads" Rainmeter entirely, is that it is a one-way-street. There is nothing that is going to start it up again when you exit the full-screen game. Running Rainmeter with no skins loaded uses virtually no CPU.

There is no current intention to try and bake any of this into Rainmeter. I think Layouts gives you the tools you need to manage this, even if not entirely "automatically". "Full screen" is a tricky proposition. You can set your browser to full-screen while watching a YouTube or Hulu or Netflix or Amazon Prime video, and it is questionable that you would want Rainmeter to react to that. Then there are games that are more or less "full-screen", but actually run inside a window. Those will not trigger a reaction, when you might in fact want them to. We don't believe we can reliably automate this.
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Re: Auto Shutdown Rainmeter when Fullscreen

Ascerta » April 1st, 2019, 6:17 pm

Well, I really like to put everything on automatic around me because over time it gets annoying to do things manually. I think I'll compromise and search for less CPU-intensive skins.

Thank you for your answer.