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[Feature Request] Local Storage/Cookies on WebParser

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[Feature Request] Local Storage/Cookies on WebParser

Post by Jeff »

If my current understanding of WebParser is right, right now it just opens an incognito/private Internet Explorer process and grabs info from a specified site. While this is good for most uses of WebParser, over here I got hit with a dilemma (by Nelly ft. Kelly Rowland).

If I want to grab something off, let's say, the YouTube Creator Dashboard, I won't be able since that incognito tab doesn't have anything user related thing, it will just go to some blank screen and won't do anything.
HOWEVER, if you specify that WebParser measure all your cookies (basically tokens and stuff, whatever magical things Local Storage stuff), the measure will open what you can currently see right now as a logged in user when you go to the Creator Dashboard (that before js shit gets applied)

Basically what I'm asking is for youtube-dl --cookies' on WebParser. Youtube-dl uses the info off a Netscape Cookie FIle right now, but cookies can also be exported as JOSN, and Window has some JSON functions in it (I'm looking at you Powershell).

I don't know if this request comes form my love of Cookies or hate of Proxies, but I might as well throw it out there.