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[Feature Request] Global pause\suspend\freeze for tablets...

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[Feature Request] Global pause\suspend\freeze for tablets...

Post by TimmyP »

Much of this is just a guess as to whether it can be done, but my battery measurements always show Rainmeter with about 3 percent use according to Windows 10 built in measurement. All I ever use it for is a single refresh when I turn on my tablet (task scheduler task for resume). Works great on my desktop and Surface.

My question is, if applicable, can you implement a total suspend option? Like "freeze skins" or something. Theoretically, if I take a screenshot of my whole desktop after Rainmeter loads\refreshes, and set that as the background (i have no icons). I wouldn't even need Rainmeter open as the only time it updates is one time, on resume\log in.

Even a happy medium if you catch my drift. All in the name of battery savings for tablets.

Edit: Should add that all of my skins are set in all the variables I could find pertaining to an update rate (like updaterate :-)) as high as they can go, as I dont need to update anything. So my setup is optimized in that regard.

Thanks for your time. Lifelong app user.
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Re: [Feature Request] Global pause\suspend\freeze for tablets...

Post by jsmorley »

The closest thing I can envision is to use Update=-1 in the [Rainmeter] section of your skins. That will only update the skin one time when it is loaded or refreshed, and then stop updating and re-drawing the skin.

This has some downside and should be used carefully, as there are things, particularly WebParser, that are threaded and will take more than one update to complete their work and display results.

With that in mind, something like this:

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Re: [Feature Request] Global pause\suspend\freeze for tablets...

Post by TimmyP »

Thank you. Ill look at this.

THIS WORKED! Couldn't use it on my weather skin and didn't use it on my clock, but CPU utilization has gone from ~5 percent to nothing negligible on vs off. Still too early to see battery results but considering TDP draw is at minimum always now, I expect a little!

Great tip if your using this on a tablet right here.

Thanks again!

EDIT: 1 week or so later and I can say after extensive measurements that my battery life went from 1:52 to 2:18 overall (heavy use only). Its an old Surface Pro and yes I have the power cover for more battery.