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[Request] Group shapes together without combining them

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[Request] Group shapes together without combining them

raiguard » January 20th, 2019, 5:37 pm

Hello. I have a request: I would like to be able to group shape meters together, without actually "combining" them.

To understand why, have a look at this post that I made in the Help: Rainmeter Skins section. I am trying to do two rotations on a non-uniform shape, once around its center, and another around a sky dial. However, because the shape is irregularly shaped, when it does the first rotation, the anchor for the second rotation is thrown off, requiring a lot of complicated math to fix (most of which I still haven't figured out...).

So, to my request: I would like to be able to group the three parts of the moon shape together, essentially turning it into one shape, without combining the attribute modifiers. This way, I could move the entire moon icon as one unit, rather than having to rotate the border, background, and moon limb separately. This would both make the rotation much simpler (I only have to code the rotation once instead of three times), and eliminates the problem of the limb being irregular, since the resulting shape would be perfectly circular.

Is this feasible? Thank you for your time. :thumbup:
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