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[Feature Request] REG_MULTI_SZ as supported registry key value type

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[Feature Request] REG_MULTI_SZ as supported registry key value type

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Why not having REG_MULTI_SZ as a supported registry key value type in Rainmeter? I mean, they're just string values, stored and exposed in UTF-16LE, separated and terminated by NUL characters. Rainmeter already handles Unicode, and handling the NUL character in the output shouldn't be that hard to achieve (might as well output it as it is, or concatenate the multiple strings, since they could be further manipulated with a Regex Substitute), right?

Typical usage scenario:

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RegKey=SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management
Substitute=(some particular substitute option, to handle the "?"-s and the "\n"-s)
UpdateDivider=(some particular update divider)
would get all pagefile files, instead of just the first, as it outputs now. Plus, making this work would avoid launching the more resource intensive WMIC+RunCommand plugin+associated string manipulation combo to get the same result.

Or ... is there any way of getting this and I don't know about it?