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Report bugs with the Rainmeter application and suggest features.
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CalleyInc » November 13th, 2017, 2:52 am

So hello. Ima new one. Lets to the point.

I'm suggest add some kind of dependencies. What is that?
Let imagine: we have a clock in corner, by default we set them on top-right side. And turn "Topmost" position so we can see clock even in fullscreen apps. And we launching game, oh no, clock are makes trouble to see what happen under them.

So i'm suggest to add dependencies from launched programms(user can by himself set them), in default mode clock still displays in top-right, but if user choose, by launching specific app, clock will be hiding or moving in different place that choose user. Also be useful to add profiles, like user have many gadgets on screen, but in app will be displayed only clock.

I hope i explained everything understandable. And i think that suggestion is useful.

Sorry for bad English. Im Russian
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Re: Dependencies

jsmorley » November 13th, 2017, 4:21 am

This is not going to happen, but you can do something like this already just using a skin that you run...

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IfMatch=(?i)Mille Bornes.exe|GifCam.exe|autoruns.exe|Fallout4.exe
IfMatchAction=[!Log "Found at least one of them"]
IfNotMatchAction=[!Log "None found"]

OnUpdateAction=[!EnableMeasure MeasureCheckThem][!CommandMeasure MeasureCheckThem "Run"]

The "actions" you take if one or more of the programs (or conversely none) are found to be running can be anything you want. Close or hide some or all running skins, move them to another monitor, whatever you like.

We are not likely to go any further than that as far as any automation of this. You could use some Lua scripting to parse the output of the RunCommand plugin and take further more complicated actions based on criteria you desire.