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Rainmeter is painfully slow for seemingly no reason

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Rainmeter is painfully slow for seemingly no reason

HadriAn-al-Molly » September 23rd, 2017, 11:45 am

That's pretty much it. Everything related to rainmeter is ridiculously slow, just moving the rainmeter window around takes ages and clicking on something is completely unresponsive.

The visualizers don't even work at all and everything is delayed, I unloaded them just in case but it didn't improve anything.

It's just been doing that since I booted my PC today, no problem ever before (been using it for a week or so).

My HDD, CPU and RAM are running smoothly with a lot of margin, every other app is as fast as usual.
I don't think I'm the first one having this problem and it's been here since 2011 or earlier apparently so that's kind of worrying to me ^^

Here are the skins I'm using (+ 2 monstercat visualizers that are currently disabled) :