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[Solved] Disk Drive monitors crash rainmeter.

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Re: [Solved] Disk Drive monitors crash rainmeter.

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FractalMimz wrote: June 4th, 2021, 3:43 pmI have the same bug Rainmeter goes in no response state and then it crash silently when launching it with the skin SimplePerfMeters activate but in opposition if I delete SimplePerfMeters folder manualy, launch rainMeter and add SimplePerfMeters, rainmeter don't crash.
For the record, the SimplePerfMeters skin uses the deprecated PerfMon plugin (nowadays replaced with the newer and better UsageMonitor plugin), so maybe that's the root of the problem. Apart from that, it also uses the "old" and obsolete source for the weather, which is nowadays replaced by directly interrogating the API (example here), so basically the skin is a bit too old and not updated to the latest "developments" in how to do various things. Contacting the author to update it, using a similar looking skin or even trying to update it on your own (difficult task, considering the skin suite's complexity and extent) are possible choices here.