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Lock screen crash

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Lock screen crash

Post by mkboynton »

I am using a skin that has a lock button that locks my pc via "rundll32.exe user32.dll LockWorkStation" If I leave it locked overnight Rainmeter crashes. I am using Rainmeter v4.4.0.3338 beta (64bit), the maker of the skin made some change recently that requires this version of rainmeter to function. I have attached two crashdumps for you to look at. If you need the name of the skin, just let me know.
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Re: Lock screen crash

Post by Brian »

Unfortunately, the dump files did not provide me with any real causes to this issue.

Please post a link to the skin in question.

The command you posted shouldn't cause a crash to Rainmeter by itself, so I suspect the problem might be coming from one of the 3rd party plugins that is currently loaded (according to your dump file).

Does the skin you mentioned use any of the following plugins?

If so, please do the following (in order):
  1. Try unloading this skin (and any other skin that uses these plugins) and test to see if the crash still happens. You can run the command from the command prompt if needed (right click on start menu, select "Command prompt (Admin)", type "rundll32.exe user32.dll LockWorkStation" and press enter).

    If no crash happens, then the previous crash is most likely from one of those plugins. If the skin in question uses more than one of those plugins, then we will need to further test each plugin separately to find the culprit.
  2. If the crash still happens, then make sure any other skins using any of those 3rd party plugins is unloaded and test again.

    If no crash happens, please report back which skins and plugins were unloaded so we can determine which is the culprit.
  3. If the crash still happens, please disable your Avast AV software and test again. There is a chance that it could be interrupting Rainmeter in some fashion. This wouldn't be the first time an AV has prevented another application from running correctly. If this is the culprit, you may have to add Rainmeter to your exclusion list (if Avast has one) or something similar.
  4. If the crash is still happening, then as a last result, I would unload each remaining skin you have running one-by-one, and test the lock workstation command in-between each crash. Once it no longer crashes, please report which skin and any plugins it is using.

Once we have narrowed down the offending skin/plugin, we can analyze any issues it may be causing. If the skin does use a 3rd party plugin, we can check for an updated version of the plugin that may have fixed the issue...or we can ask the author to look into the problem (if it is the plugin).

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Re: Lock screen crash

Post by mkboynton »

Thanks for looking Brian. The skin in question uses all four of the plugins you mentioned. This problem did not start until the author added something that required the use of the latest beta version of Rainmeter. It is a huge skin call Droptop4, it can be downloaded here... You could contact him and maybe narrow down the possibilities, I have his email address if needed or I could report the bug to him and maybe he will have an idea what it is since it began with the latest update of his skin.