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Steam Favorite Friends

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Steam Favorite Friends

Post by Judian81 »

hello people,

i wanted to have some friends from the steam client on my desktop.
because you could have a lot of friends and the space on the screen is limited,
i thought about have 7 friends in total available.
if a friend has his / her profile private you can not see if the person is online or not.

you can select the total friends you want on your list. the list will automatically be smaller when you have less friends selected.

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another thing is you can name your friends like you want to.

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VarName1="Some Name"
the thing you need is the profile URL from your friend and put it in the skin.

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i have made two themes.

the first one is the rainmeter theme.

rainmeter steam friends.png

the second one is the steam theme.

rainmeter steam friends v2.png
i have merged the two themes in one file.

Steam Friends_v0.4.rmskin
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Re: Steam Favorite Friends

Post by death.crafter »

Judian81 wrote: May 7th, 2021, 2:41 am Hello People,

needed to have a steam friends list on my desktop. you can have 1 friend listed. but you could max 7 friends listed.
found a skin that will collect soms of your friends on a list.
I figured that it would be more easy if you can just have your most used friends in the list.
So i made something that you can add 7 profile URL's from you best friends.
It is a nice thing to have... But the UI is kinda old... If you can make Fluent, or at least like Steam it would be better I guess.
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