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Steam Games

Skins to open folders and launch applications and websites
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Steam Games

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hello people,

i have made a skin that can be used with steam desktop shortcuts.
if you press on "steam games" in the title it opens your steam library.
you can add up to 8 games and you can reduce it to 1.

the skin find itself to how many steam desktop shortcuts there are in the folder.
the total amount can be 8 items.

the steam desktop shortcuts can be dropped in the skin folder "Shortcuts\"
if you change the name you will find it back in the skin.

there are 2 themes
the shortcuts delivered with this skin are all free.
normally when you start something it is already installed.
those games deliverd with the skin are proparly not installed yet.
so steam will inform you about if it has to be installed.

i have made a new skin that looks like steam program.

the rainmeter theme version:

rainmeter steam games.png

the steam theme version:

rainmeter steam games v2.png

you can download it here.
Steam Games_v0.10.rmskin

if you have comments or requests feel free to do so.
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Re: Steam Games

Post by Judian81 »

Hey hello,

Had a problem with the skin updating there icons and startup links. In stead of making parent in parent in parent to child.
I now made use of brothers and sisters. That solved the problem for me. Some explanation is the brother and sister do the same thing.
But there both are just called once. And so i have used mother, dad and uncle that were called from both brother, sister and niece.

I hope you understand.