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Slideshow Mastery 0.9.2-20200820

Skins with graphics and animations
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Slideshow Mastery 0.9.2-20200820

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Switchable sequential or random slideshow with solid border & surrounding shadow. Middle click to refresh. Scroll mouse wheel to sequentially cycle images on demand. Left-click can be set to update, pause, open image, or open folder. Buttons for slideshow mode & frame shape save settings changes when clicked, so they're preserved on reload/refresh.

This is the first time I've shared a completed skin instead of helping people on Reddit with pieces of code. This has also been my first deep dive into learning & using pure, vanilla Rainmeter. All effects & styling are in the single skin - no lua scripting & no manipulated images outside the core slideshow. Make copies as many folders deep as you like & they just work. Tested fully functional back to stable release

Inspired by Custom Slideshow Frame by M4he.
Glass reflection added as a tribute to Glasses by VClouds.