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Mythtv skin

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Mythtv skin

Post by lmclaren »

Mythtv skin for Rainmeter

I have written (based on a lot of other peoples work!) a Mythtv skin for Rainmeter.

It is based on Gnometer but would be easy to put into other Configs. All the heavy lifting is done with LUA and rainmeter just puts it onto the screen.

You will need to edit the mMythtv measure (in the .ini) and change the url to suit your setup, you will also need to put a width.MythTv into your variables.ini or hard set it to 200 as a starting point.

The LUA code is not pretty, my first attempt but should be robust.
It would have been a lot easier if there was a native LUA xml parser.

Happy for feedback both good and bad.

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Re: Mythtv skin

Post by dragonmage »

I'll be sure to check this out if I ever start using MythTV, thanks.