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Soundwave Rainmeter Visualizer Skin

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Soundwave Rainmeter Visualizer Skin

Post by Rainmeterbase »

Soundwave is a free Rainmeter visualizer skin. You can add visualizer widget to your desktop with this skin.

Skin Author: CMG-simplestuff


For more Rainmeter skins visit


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Re: Soundwave Rainmeter Visualizer Skin

Post by dudebaker »

I don't know but I think the whole Rainmeterbase thing is a bit unnecessary in some way.

You've mentioned in another post that you make minor changes.
I've check now the first skin you posted and this one.
The first had some real changes but this one here only has changes in the name and adds a link to your site and removes the license part.
But at least the original author stays in place in the skin file.

Don't get me wrong, a site where you can find rainmeter skins bundled together is a nice thing, but wouldn't it be enough to mirror the skin on your page 1:1 from the source?

And another thing, since you didn't really have change anything (at least in this skin), I would say it would be great to have the source link and author mentioned on your skin-page - maybe he makes updates which you did not add to your minor changed skins?
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Re: Soundwave Rainmeter Visualizer Skin

Post by jsmorley »

I'm increasingly skeptical of this site and the posting of these skins here. I don't think it is particularly nice to distribute other folk's skins without their approval, I don't like that the .rmskin is enclosed in a .zip file, I don't like that the metadata added by the original author is changed without their approval, and I don't like that we can't tell what original license the original author released the skin under. I really don't like the relentless advertisement of a web site. I don't see any advertising or anything untoward on the site, yet, but it makes me a bit uncomfortable.

As long as the original author didn't forbid it, there is nothing technically wrong with this. I'm just suspicious that this isn't how things should work in our "community"'.
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Re: Soundwave Rainmeter Visualizer Skin

Post by Mordasius »

jsmorley wrote: February 16th, 2021, 12:25 amI'm increasingly skeptical of this site and the posting of these skins here.
I join you in being somewhat suspicious of this poster's motives. According to him/her:
Rainmeterbase wrote: February 14th, 2021, 6:07 pm I make minor changes to the skins and share them collectively on my site. My goal is to just contribute to the Rainmeter community and make it a nice site where they can find the best skins. From now on, I will also add the skin author name to the skins I shared on this forum.
I can confirm that as of 15 February 2021:

(1) s/he is not giving credit to the original author of skins posted on the site,
(2) s/he is distributing skins in a .zip file that contains an .rmskin of the copied file plus a link back to the site,
(3) s/he is changing the [Metadata] in the original skin by deleting License=Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 3.0 and adding Information=h.ttps://

Whilst there is no advertising on the site yet, it certainly seems that his/her intent is as much to promote the site as to "contribute to the Rainmeter community".

I have declined his/her requests to post copied skins and links on the Rainmeter Galleries of Deviant Art and personally feel that the same could be applied on the Rainmeter Forums.