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SpiroMusic & CircleMusic (Shape Meter Visualizers)

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Re: SpiroMusic & CircleMusic (Shape Meter Visualizers)

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jrizz43 wrote:Is it possible to make the a visualizer shape that would fit something like this?

I am pretty new to shapes and don't really know how to curve and combine them.
Yes, it would be possible but not all that easy. The shape meter can create those shapes with a combinations of path and strokedashes parameters.

It's not likely that anyone is going to take on doing this for you, but we will help you with questions you have when trying to duplicate those shapes, and then drive them with the audio level plugin. :welcome:

To start, I would look at the shape examples and try modifying them to see how the parameters work :17readbook
It may take some time, but it is not impossible. :thumbup: