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Music Player

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Music Player

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Hey hello People,

I have worked on a skin. You can play music with it. And it fits in your desktop.
The things that are possible are as follow.
-See the name of the artist.
-See the name of the album.
-The length of the song.
-The time that has passed of the playing song.
-Play and pauze the music.
-Go to next song.
-Go a song back.
-See the cover of the album.
-You can switch and control between players life.
-You can change from audio devices*
-Mute the device that is playing.
-See the level of sound of the audio device.
-When right click on sound settings the settings menu will be hidden. (Update Post v0.3)
-When left click on sound settings the menu will open. (Update Post v0.3)

*In Windows 10 you can go to audio devices. And name the device like "Headset" or "Kitchen Speakers".
If you do not give the audio devices your own name. The skin will then only show the same name for different devices.
I personally use it for switching from speakers to headset.
rainmeter player pro.png
The part that is not so great is as follow.
-Spotify do not show album name.
-Spotify do not show the song length.
-Spotify do not show how long the song is playing.
-Spotify do not let us see the song cover.
-You can not change the position for the time the song is playing (Updated Post v0.3)
-You can not change from device when using iTunes (Update Post v0.3)
Music Player_v0.3.rmskin
Some advice. You can download a program that you can hide every program in Windows 10 to the system tray.
In that way you can control Winamp, WMP, Spotify and iTunes while non of these players are visible in the taskbar.

Hope you enjoy my skin.

If you have comments or requests feel free to do so.
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