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JDWS-04 - Jelle Dekkers' Weather Skins # 04

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JDWS-04 - Jelle Dekkers' Weather Skins # 04

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JDWS - Jelle Dekkers' Weather Skins - is my attempt at unifying all of my weather skins. In the past, I had quite the number of skins, and it was a pain to update all of them if I had to make a change. So why not combine them?

To change the settings, right-click any of the skins. Here, you'll see "Global settings..." and "Config settings...". Global settings are the settings that affect all of the skins, such as location or units, and config settings are settings that affect only that config (skin), like the size or the font.

All of these skins use's API, using Nominatim to determine the coordinates for the given location. My WebParser code hasn't been proven to be 100% stable yet (although I haven't had any issues so far), so if you have any issues, feel free to contact me on my Discord server.

Change log (shared between all JDWS releases)
  • Added JDWS-03 and JDWS-04.
  • Fixed a few bugs in JDWS-01. Apparently I did use the Daily parser there.
  • Added a custom user agent for the Nominatim parser.
  • Updated the header images for JDWS-01 and JDWS-02.
  • Fixed the minimum version requirement.
  • Updated the weather parser to include the option to choose between 12/24-hour formats for the sunrise/set and moonrise/set times (plus the time part of Peize).
  • Removed from JDWS-01 since it's not used there.
  • Changed the file encoding in JDWS-01 and JDWS-02. I'll be using UCS-2 LE BOM instead of ANSI from now on.
  • Updated JDWS-01 and JDWS-02 because of some minor changes to the weather parser. Also added metadata and a header image.
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