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T-Minus: millisecond clock/timer

Clocks and timer skins
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T-Minus: millisecond clock/timer

Post by killall-q »


This clock/countdown/stopwatch displays milliseconds using os.clock(), which provides the time since program initialization with sub-second accuracy. On load, the skin freezes for a split second while it waits for the next second to begin; it then stores the os.clock() millisecond offset from real time to calibrate the display.


• Switch between time and timer without losing running timer
• Persistent timer runs even while skin is unloaded
• Countdown (T-minus) seamlessly converts to stopwatch (T-plus) on expiry
• Resizable
• 40 frames per second
• Custom digital LCD font


• Click MODE (lower left corner) to switch mode.
• Scroll over SIZE (upper left corner) to adjust size.
• Scroll over timer display to adjust T-minus zero.

• To countdown/up to an exact date/time, convert it to a Unix timestamp and overwrite the "Zero" variable in "T-Minus/@Resources/" (right-click on the T-Minus skin and click "T-Minus" at the top to open the skin's folder), then refresh the skin.


- Changed default color scheme to have transparent background.

- Fixed an accumulating error with persistence.

- Persistent timer: Timer continues to run through refreshes, while skin is unloaded, or computer is off.
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Re: T-Minus: millisecond clock/timer

Post by IDAIS »

Awesome. :D I gotta give this a look. I've been trying to work out how to use milliseconds, and I've learnt to create Rainmeter skins from reverse engineering existing ones (though I know about the rainmeter/docs site, but I find it sometimes less helpful than seeing a working skin).
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Re: T-Minus: millisecond clock/timer

Post by AABoyz »

Hello, I must admit I was looking for exactly this, installed it but have problems, where is the so-called "Mode" ? and "Size"? I cannot do anything with it, I repositioned it where I want it on my secondary display using the X & Y coordinates because I can't drag it either, even so, that draggable is shaded out, the click-through doesn't do anything & if I manually edit the .ini does not respond

please help, also want to change the colour to 6ae97b to fit my setup

Thank you


I just read the post again and it kinda looks like I'm bashing your work, I apologize, was never the intention, maybe it's because of a newer version of Rainmeter, maybe because I don't really know what I'm doing, I need help and I was only trying to transmit symptoms as it may to try and help to fix the problem.
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Re: T-Minus: millisecond clock/timer

Post by ikarus1969 »

"Mode" can be found in the lower left corner - when clicked switches between the view where the current time is displayed and a stopwatch-view.
"Size" can be found in the upper left corner. Move the mouse over it - withe scrollwheel you can then change the size

For the color: edit the skin look for the variable "Color" in the section "[Variables]" and change it from Color=FF0000 to Color=6ae97b
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Re: T-Minus: millisecond clock/timer

Post by AABoyz »

Good, thanks for the reply, the problem was that I had it set too low on the screen and hovering did not bring it to full illumination, having a near-black background made the dimmed SIZE and MODE buttons invisible. All works well, I moved it to a different location where the lover portion is not off the display. but FYI, the draggable option checkbox in the Rainmeter management window is greyed out.

Thank you very much for your help

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Re: T-Minus: millisecond clock/timer

Post by killall-q »

I've added the button locations to the instructions so people can know generally where to mouse around until the buttons light up on mouseover if they have a dark background.
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Re: T-Minus: millisecond clock/timer

Post by AABoyz »

again, thank you very much as everything works well atm, did I miss it? is there a way to get an audible notification when the timer reaches zero?

trying to get rid of the daim vista clock... :twisted:
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Re: T-Minus: millisecond clock/timer

Post by sulicihi »

its possible to change default font?

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Re: T-Minus: millisecond clock/timer

Post by AABoyz »

Sure is, personally, I recommend you leave the font as it was meant by the author but in the spirit that he has helped me, I'll pay it forward and help, this can obviously be deleted as wished by the Author.

The Font is located in x:\xxxxxxxxx\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\T-Minus\@Resources\Fonts
it is called: Digital LCD.ttf
as seen in the .ini file at line 37
FontFace=Digital LCD
you can use any font you own or have the right of access to...
like in the Windows folder...: which should be here: C:\Windows\Fonts
P.S. when in the windows font folder, hit the following key combination [Shift+Ctrl+2] to view the fonts themselves
copy the font of your liking into the T-Minus font folder and amend the .ini file at line 37 with the font name you chose. save the file then reload the skin

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Re: T-Minus: millisecond clock/timer

Post by killall-q »

Yes, you can use any font as AABoyz has described. You do not need to copy in the font file for system fonts in C:\Windows\Fonts. You will have to adjust the coordinates of meters to line things back up.

I custom designed this font for this skin, so parts of the skin will look broken with other fonts, because certain characters of the font are non-standard to fulfill specific functions in the skin.