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Skins that monitor system information
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Re: CSKeyState

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ouch... now I feel awkward having published this:
simulating keyboard ledlights was what I was going for, I had no idea that it had already been done.. :confused:
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Re: CSKeyState

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jsmorley wrote:
I guess one could put them down on the taskbar set to "stay topmost" so they don't fight the taskbar always wanting to be in front.
2-7-2012 7-32-37 AM.jpg
Very good positioning, it even remids you of where the leds used to be (relatively). I try to avoid using "stay topmost" option, however, even I love the concept of a skin above the taskbar, because of it's persistence to stay topmost even in media player's full mode, or even screensaver. Now that we are talking about it, does your to-do list include a way to disable this? :) Perhaps by detecting a full screen (without taskbar) application?
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Re: KeyState

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Dec 17, 2013: Updated the KeyState.dll Rainmeter plugin for some changes to the Rainmeter Plugin API.

New .rmskin in the first post of this thread.
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Re: KeyState

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Hi JS,

Would you be able to build in the functionality to set the state? So far I've been using a powershell script but its really slow.
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Re: KeyState

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