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StarCraft 2 with Animated Characters and 1v1 Ladder Rank

A package of skins with a "theme" or by a single author
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StarCraft 2 with Animated Characters and 1v1 Ladder Rank

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Originally I was looking to find a skin that would display my 1v1 ladder rank on my desktop. I found a skin that was many years old and didn't work. So I made my own skin but that lead to making an entire suite for my desktop/wallpaper. I also saw an animated StarCraft character on someone's YouTube channel but couldn't find a skin for it, so I made my own animated character skins! Check out the skins:

Deviant Art: StarCraft 2 Animated Wallpaper (Rainmeter)

Video of Skin Suite:

- Animated StarCraft characters located in the bottom right. Character changes when clicking on a poster image.
- Clicking on a poster image will change the respective character, icon at the bottom, and the title at the top.
- Rank skin in top right will change image, rank, and wins depending on your 1v1 ladder rank. (player and race can be changed)
- Clicking on the rank image will open a link to sc2replaystats for that player.
- Clicking on the StarCraft title will open the Blizzard app.
- Middle clicking on the animated character will "freeze" the character which decreases CPU usage. Double left click on the character will reactivate the animation.
- The Rainmeter package includes a layout which will place all the skins in their respective spot for any resolution screen.

I also have separate skin packs if you don't want to download the whole thing:
StarCraft 2 Animated Characters (Rainmeter)
StarCraft 2 Ranks (Rainmeter)