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Simplesentencefour (+ Speech)

A package of skins with a "theme" or by a single author
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Simplesentencefour (+ Speech)

Post by eclectic-tech »

  I modified an "oldie but goodie" Simplesentencethree by WhiteBaron to correct some aging problems and update the performance.  

(Click Image for demo)
Original Simplesentence Created by WhiteBaron
Version four recreated by Eclectic Tech

Download from my DA site

Version 4.2020.12.07

Dark Text Preview (in Spoiler)
  • Added Speech to all sentence skins
  • Speak via middle mouse button
  • Left mouse click will silence current speech
  • Select voice in editor 'Microsoft Zira Desktop' by default
  • Set voice via Edit bubble
  • Additional voices can be added to Windows (see link to Speech plugin info below)
  • Option to have skins automatically speak at intervals (1~59 minutes)
  • Added RGB4 for better control of colors
  • Colors set for one skin will set for all skins
  • Double-click the text to open RGB4 and select colors
  • Double-click Time/Progress bar in Music to set icons color
  • Add Background on MouseOver for better readability
  • Background shade color will change based on text color(v .1)
  • Added cursor tracking highlight (MouseXY plugin)
  • Added Frosted Glass background skins for readability with any wallpaper
  • 3 background effects: Clear | Blur | Acrylic
  • Added "Toggle All" skin that will display a Red/Green Rainmeter icon
  • Fixed LifeHacker URL Reader
  • Added Rainmeter Forum reader skin
  • Removed all Simple skins from this package since no modifications were done
  • Those can be added by downloading Simplesentencethree
  • Link to Simplesentencethree:
Thanks to:
-whitebaron (Original skins)
~fediaFedia (RMConfig)
~Viperx116 (Foobar2k)
~j3concepts (Icons)
~Jeffrey Morley (RainRGB4)
~Jeffrey Morley (Speech)
~Carl Krull (Fonts)
-Fawxy (MouseXY plugin)
~theAzack9 (Frosted Glass plugin)

Speech Plugin Information

V 4.2020.12.07 Preview
Change History
Added Frosted Glass background effects
Unified highlighting code
Expanded highlight border

Corrected voice settings for user and music skins
Corrected background highlighting for notes skin
Added automatic highlighting (dark/light) based on text color
Posted to my DeviantArt site

Corrected writing "LowlightColor" value to the included file (Previously only changed once!)
Modified formula to determine brightness level of text which is used to set "LowlightColor".
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Posts: 4334
Joined: April 12th, 2012, 9:40 pm
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Re: Simplesentencefour (+ Speech)

Post by eclectic-tech »

Updated: SimpleSentenceFour

Now include Frosted Glass skins for background effects
Unified highlighting and modified highlight border

DA site Download