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ATI Plugin

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Re: ATI Plugin

Post by MaroonED »

OOPS, too fast... restarting Rainmeter seems to have corrected the problem. It works again :D

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Re: ATI Plugin

Post by Daimondx »

Would love to know where this final release is if there is one still. Use the thing all the time, but does sometimes randomly stop working and have to close rainmeter it self and restart it to get working again.
Or is this 0.75 BETA the final release and should be changed to reflect such.
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Re: ATI Plugin

Post by theonetrueace »

I'm not sure why I can't manipulate the string output from the plugin. Notice the NumOfDecimals values I have in the config and what's actually showing. I want it to match my cpu stats.


Edit: Scratch that, I'm using the OpenHardwareMonitor Plugin now and it seems to be working great.