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Windows Now Playing

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Windows Now Playing

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Hello. I was looking for a skin to display the music information and all skin needed to inform a music player (spotify, wpm, foobar2000 ...). My idea was to display the information of any player or browser that was playing any music or video, as well as in the "now playing" of Windows.


As today I only use the browser to listen music, the WebNowPlaying plugin would be enough for me. However, it was not compatible with my browser. So I decided to make a program myself to get this information directly from Windows.

The software I made takes information about the title, artist, album name and thumbnail. As in windows, it works with any program and takes information from everything that plays some type of media. If it is useful for someone, I am making a skin available with the example of use. It has some bugs, but I currently use it to get the title and name of the artist and it works well.

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Re: Windows Now Playing

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How to use:

Through the RunCommand plugin.

Abstract example:

Parameter = WindowsNowPlaying [title|artist|album] [truncate at] [add at end of truncated string]


Parameter = WindowsNowPlaying thumb

Real example:

Code: Select all

Parameter=WindowsNowPlaying title 32 ...
The output of [MeasureTitle] will be the title of the song / video or whatever is playing. If it is longer than 32 characters, it will be truncated to the 32nd character and "..." will be added to the end.

The [truncate at] and [add at end of truncated string] parameters cannot be used with the thumb parameter.

When calling "WindowsNowPlaying thumb" a file named "thumbnail.png" will be saved in the same location as the .ini, if something is playing. For the example I used the QuotePlugin plugin to display the image.

The output of "WindowsNowPlaying thumb" can be two values ​​(150/84). These values ​​represent the height of the image resolution. The file can be in the format of 150x150 or 150x84 (youtube thumnails generally).

When there is nothing playing or paused, the output will be null / empty and the thumbnail will be deleted.

And I believe that is all.
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Re: Windows Now Playing

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Really useful! Thank you buddy! :thumbup:
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