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C# plugin :% section value and float/integer problem

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C# plugin :% section value and float/integer problem

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I'm writing a C# plugin. Two questions:

1) What function do I need to implement to deal with a [MeasureName:%] section variable, i.e. return a percent value? My plugin correctly returns values, but when calling it via [MeasureName:%] I get 0, presumably because some function is not implemented (MinValue and MaxValue are set correctly in the plugin measure). I want to use [MeasureName:%] in a percentual-type graph directly, without using an intermediate "Calc" measure to get the percentage. I searched C# examples for "percent" but I don't see any.

2) I have a "Line" meter referencing the plugin measure, and I want to plot a smooth, accurate line, with decimal point values. When I check the returned values on the measure (About->Skins, either string or numerical) I see one decimal point (e.g. 75.4), exactly as intended. However, in the line graph. the values are plotted as integers: (74 OR 75), because I see discrete "stair" stepping, instead of a smooth graph. Does Rainmeter force a conversion from float to integer somewhere? Antialias is 1 on the meter.