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Measure/Plugin class + one master measure/many meters

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Measure/Plugin class + one master measure/many meters

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I'm new to Rainmeter plugins, but not to programming. Two questions:
1) In the SDK package, I see functions like "Reload" or "Update" duplicated in both the "Measure" and the "Plugin" classes. What's the difference?

2) I'm working on a plugin that collects multiple pieces of info (at its own update rate) with a few meters then requesting individual (already collected) pieces of info (i.e. values). What is the most efficient way to do this? The 3 possibilities I see:
  • a "section variable" function, which takes the type of the desired value as its parameter ([&MyMeasure:GetDesiredValue(string type)]
  • a Parent / Child measure structure, which child measures (and respective meters) requesting specific values
  • Using !SetOption in each meter instance to set the value type on the measure for each meter