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NowPlaying - Winamp

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NowPlaying - Winamp

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Also the documentation says, NowPlaying is fully Winamp compatible, it is not.

The measure value "Number" returns an empty string always; the measure value "Title" returns an empty string also in case you are using Winamp 2.81. At the time of this writing "Winamp 2.81" is still working on "Windows 10"; and a lot of people seem to like this old version more than version 5.66. Especially Winamp seems to have problems to get title information. Contracts are broken and so on. With the "in_CDReader.dll" (using you can overcome this problem, but the settings of "in_CDReader.dll" are not persisted in version 5.66. Anyway!

To fix the problems with measure values I've written a plugin. You may use it freely as long as you don't change the author.
The version 2.x allows you to get information about artist and album too. But you have to follow the attached "CDDBConfig.jpg" or change the skin. "Winamp.dll" splits the mainwindow-title displayed in Winamp by ','.

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Peter :sly:
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