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Frequency of Webparser updates

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Frequency of Webparser updates

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I'm writing myself a little skin to tell me when the trains leave from my local stations.
I've made some decent progress with the webparser plugin to read off the information I need but I have had to parsing the info via a an API that limits me to calling upon it 1000 times per day. That should be plenty run the basic skin and check once every minute or two but I just want to check exactly when and how frequently rainmeter will call upon the xml stream.

I have set [Rainmeter] to the usual "Update=1000"
And then set "UpdateRate=60" to my Webparser measure.
This should if I've read everything correctly have the webparser running every minute.

Now does it mater if I update the various meters that read out the webparser measure and its children more frequently?
This won't cause it to run the webparser again and rapidly use up may access allowance?

Edit: Oh it is updating, ignore the next paragraph!
BTW This could all be a null issue because I'm not sure its updating anyway, my test skin only seems to update the data when I refresh the skin. Is this a limitation of the url from which I'm parsing or have I set something up wrong?