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ProgramOptions - Interface with running programs

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Re: ProgramOptions - Interface with running programs

Post by theAzack9 »

royalrex wrote:I have a little trouble removing the combining of same applications. WindowMirror.exe was the first thing that I removed but now the problem is, I don't know how to separate same apps to individual icons. Any ideas?
I am sorry to say this since i was the one making it, but i offer no support for this plugin and it's component. It was a plugin i made years ago when i recently discovered Rainmeter and usability-wise is it horrible. I do have plans to remake this plugin sometime in the future, but as of now do i have other stuff to work on that takes priority.

Again, i'm sorry :)
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Re: ProgramOptions - Interface with running programs

Post by StArL0rd84 »

Hi i have made a simple folder launcher that i want to make smart.
By "smart" i just mean if a folder in the launcher is open the icon should change color.
I can see your plugin detects open explorer windows but i cannot figure out how.
My launcher parses the path to the folders for the name of the folders.
If i then could cross reference with you plugin to see if any of the opened folders names/handles matches, i could then change the color of the icons.

Could you give me a hint?

EDIT: Posted a more detalied question here:
(#WorkTime# = 1 ? #Work# : ([mEnergyLoss:%] > 100 ? #SleepMode# : #Rainmeter#))