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Additional value(s) for Now Playing

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Additional value(s) for Now Playing

Post by slightlyobsessive »

I realise there's already a fairly long thread for the Now Playing plugin, but I felt since this is such a specific request I might be okay to post it separately in the hope that the clever author or someone can answer it :???:

I'm using my modified version of the lovely Soita skin, which gives me everything I need. Except that of late I've been thinking how nice it would be to utilize the "tooltip" options to display the "composer" tag/field when I mouseover the song title. I'm listening to a lot of old jazz at the moment, and I'd love to be able to quickly distinguish the Cole Porter tunes from the Rodgers and Hart - for example :thumbup:

I see elsewhere that "composer" is a valid tag field, and being keen I thought I'd do this myself and simply reuse some of the code in the plugin and add the support. Oh no... I now see that I'd need to download MsVS, plus the SDK and then learn to code! Nice idea, but overkill for such a small task.

I'm asking therefore if any of you clever souls would find it easy to add support for this field in the Now Playing plugin, such that I can then simply write a measure for it and use it exactly as I do for all other track information? I trust I haven't grossly misunderstood the whole plugin creation process.