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Watts Up Pro plugin

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Watts Up Pro plugin

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I imagine not too many people have Watts Up Pro's (Which is supported by this plugin) or Watts Up .NET (Theoretically supported by this plugin), but figured I'd offer this up anyways. The application will fetch data from the Watts Up each second, so you can get high frequency updates if desired.

Installation steps:
Step 1: Make sure you have the Visual C++ 2013 runtime installed (Click here to download it)
Step 2: Plug in your Watts Up, make sure the USB drivers are installed
Step 3: Install the WMI plugin (WMI.dll) to your Rainmeter plugins folder
Step 4: Copy the "Watts Up PRO WMI Info Finder.exe" executable anywhere you want it to stay
Step 5: Create a shortcut to the "Watts Up PRO WMI Info Finder.exe" application
Step 6: Move this shortcut to your startup folder (Can be viewed via the start button, then right click the "Startup" folder and click open, paste the shortcut in that explorer window)
Step 7: Start the "Watts Up PRO WMI Info Finder.exe" application
Step 8: Add desired measures to your Rainmeter INI
Step 9: Reload your Rainmeter INI
Step 10: ???
Step 11: Profit

Example measures:

Code: Select all

Query=SELECT Watts FROM WattsUp WHERE Index='Realtime'

Query=SELECT Voltage FROM WattsUp WHERE Index='Realtime'
Data columns for use by the Query: Amps, AmpsMaximum, AmpsMinimum, Cost, CostPerMonth, DutyCycle, KWattHoursPerMonth, LineFrequency, PowerCycle, PowerFactor, Voltage, VoltageMaximum, VoltageMinimum, VoltAmps, WattHours, Watts, WattsMaximum, WattsMinimum

Note regarding data columns: You must configure the Watts Up to log the desired data columns, or it wont be fetched by the application. This can be with the Watts Up USB Data Logger, click "Meter Settings" on the top menu bar, go to the "Logged Items" tab, click "Set All Checks" and then click "Send Settings to Meter". I recommend checking all items because the meter is already put into a realtime state, there's no harm in sending additional data.

Problems: If you are not getting information from the Watts Up, chances are the "Watts Up PRO WMI Info Finder.exe" application is not running, it cannot find your Watts Up (drivers not installed?), or your permissions are whack. I can provide a alternative compiled app that can show debugging information if anyone needs it.

Note regarding data logging: This application will put your Watts Up into a external logging mode so it can feed the application data in realtime. This unfortunately means it will no longer store information in its internal memory. To resume storing information in the internal memory, you need to fire up the Watts Up USB Data Logger, go to the Receive Data tab, click Next until you can't any more, then click the "Apply ->" button next to the destination for data area.

WMI.dll: I got the source code for this from and enhanced it slightly, the pull request is pending, but all thanks for that source goes to its author Eugene Butusov

Virus Total Scans (More than happy to say it's clean!):
Watts Up PRO WMI Info Finder.exe: Click here
32-bit WMI.dll: Click here
64-bit WMI.dll: Click here
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