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FileView plugin 2.1

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Re: FileView plugin 2.1

Post by eclectic-tech »

Sounds good!

Have a great holiday weekend!
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Re: FileView plugin 2.1

Post by Virginityrocks »

It's very blizzare.

It seems that the download folder hangs for about 3 seconds per scroll, and the recent folder has a relatively minor 0.2 second delay per scroll, but all other folders scroll butter-smooth.

This only happens after shutting down or restarting the computer. Once a page has been scrolled in fileview, it doesnt have a delay. But that first access is a real killer.

It's just weird that this problem is so evident with the downloads folder. Right now I'm working on making some changes to my suite, including removing the ability to scroll the downloads folder altogether.

Hopefully there's a fix to this strange problem someday.