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Plugin: Chameleon

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Re: Plugin: Chameleon

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Is there a way to tell chameleon what monitor to sample from?
It's nice that this new version can tell what monitor it is on and adjusts accordingly.
But i have a different wallpapers on both my monitors,
and the skins are on monitor 2 but need to sample from monitor 1.
I tried using ContextX, ContextY, ContextW and ContextH values to specify the location of monitor 1 which is 0,0,3440,1440.
This causes Rainmeter to crash...
I then tried not to exceed the size of monitor 2 which is 1280x800, Success, no crash!
But it is still sampling from monitor 2 where the skin is on.
Reverted back to for the time being.
(#WorkTime# = 1 ? #Work# : ([mEnergyLoss:%] > 100 ? #SleepMode# : #Rainmeter#))