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Need help with Rainmeter 4.3 beta testing

Testing and discussion of the conversion of Rainmeter to D2D.
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Need help with Rainmeter 4.3 beta testing

jsmorley » July 25th, 2018, 1:47 pm

We are in the process of converting all of Rainmeter from the older GDI+ graphics engine to the newer Direct2D (D2D) engine.

This will have several advantages as we go forward:

1) There are a lot of clever and more advanced capabilities will will be able to add to Rainmeter with the new engine.
2) D2D is going to be a lot faster and more efficient than GDI+. One of the big strengths is that we will be able to offload much of the "drawing" that is done from the CPU to the GPU using hardware acceleration.

The path forward for us will look like this:

1) Initial releases, this being the first, that are strictly to test that all "meters" in Rainmeter behave exactly as they did in the 4.2 release version. Just about every meter type, with the exception of String and Shape, which are already D2D, have been changed. We need to be sure the fundamentals are correct, that we are not causing any backwards compatibility issues.

2) Add support for hardware acceleration. This is actually in the code now, and can be turned on by adding HardwareAcceleration=1 to the [Rainmeter] section of Rainmeter.ini, or in the Setting dialog, but let's make sure we get the fundamentals in 1) above right first, before we look at fine tuning performance.
3) Add support for a "game mode" in Rainmeter. While offloading "drawing" to the GPU is going to make things a bunch faster and save a lot of CPU under normal use, with some really hard-core graphic intensive games, you are likely to want Rainmeter to avoid using the GPU while you are playing. The final approach is not yet settled, but the intent is to allow users to temporarily either toggle the use of hardware acceleration, or to otherwise "freeze" or "unload" skins while you are playing a game that wants all the GPU.

5) Start implementing some really cool new features!

What we REALLY need is for you guys to test this with your skins, and if you have time, create test skins to ensure that all meter types, with all their different options, look and work exactly the same under both this version and the 4.2 release version.

Download from the Rainmeter Main Site

Keep this handy as well, so you can switch back and forth to compare things


I'm going to lock this thread, so it can just be the place to find the latest version as we move forward. If you find any issues, or have any other thoughts about this effort, please start a new topic in this forum area. We need the community's help with this, to ensure we get it right! We really need to know if any meters don't look and behave exactly the same, to the pixel.
If you find an issue, please post before and after images and / or a description of the behavior, and the code you used that caused the problem. We need to be able to re-create the issue to solve it.
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