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[Image] The download of the new updated image failed ?

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[Image] The download of the new updated image failed ?

GhostMatrix » April 19th, 2009, 11:18 pm

The download of the new updated image failed, what should I do ?

You have made a skin to have updated image (webcam,weather satellite map, etc) from a website, but you fail to get the new updated image.
On some website it work, but on others site it fail. Why ?

The following is my user experience...

I download updated images from the web (day&nigt map, moonphase) with no problem, and one day I try a webcam image updated every 15 minutes and it fail.
Now when you download images from the web using Rainmeter or other applications, you will have those images in the temporary internet folder, I delete the webcam image in that folder and I finally have a new updated image in Rainmeter but stuck again with the new one.
The difference between the day&nigt map, moonphase, and the webcam is they don't have any expiration date, and Rainmeter re-use that image rather to go on the website to get the new updated image.
Now what ?
It don't make good sense to have to go in that folder to manually delete the image before Rainmeter update the image !

Here my solution for that problem, just note that you can have other ways to do it, the bottom line is to get rid of the images in the temporary internet folder.
To avoid this problem I use "Empty Temp Folders", you can download it here
After the installation of "Empty Temp Folders" Open it... click Options, click Options program... , now in "When clicking the Empty all folders button also delete:" make sure that "All URLs" is selected and click Ok.

Now with a command line the application will run, perform his task and close itself after.

To execute the command line you have to add the following Measure just before the Measure who download the image in your skin, in the following code the task will be done every 15 minutes !

Code: Select all

Formula= Counter%900
IfEqualAction=!execute ["C:\Program Files\Empty Temp Folders 2.8.3\emptemp2.exe "/all""]
C:\ or the other partition like E:\ , if you didn't install it in C:\
Program Files or the name of the other folder if you didn't install it in the Program Files folder
Empty Temp Folders 2.8.3 or the other name of the folder, if you have change for a different name, like EmptyTempFolders

If you are running more than one skin who download images from the internet only one of those must have the [MeasureEmptyFolder], the other ones don't need it because the task is already done by the one who have it.

Soon I will post something to have animated weather satellite images (Europe and North America) in Rainmeter and you will need this.

PS... my native language is French so I may have made some conjugation or spelling mistakes.
@ administrators or global moderators : feel free to make some corrections if needed !

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