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Repairing PerfMon Counters

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Repairing PerfMon Counters

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The Rainmeter PerfMon plugin accesses performance counters stored in Windows. It is more or less the same information that is managed from the Perfmon.exe Windows application.

Sometimes the "counters" that are stored and used by Windows can become corrupted, and the PerfMon plugin may stop working or return invalid results. This can generally be corrected by "rebuilding" the counters in Windows to their default settings. You do this by:

Open a cmd.exe command line prompt. Use "Run as administrator" when you run cmd.exe.

Type lodctr /r at this command prompt and hit enter.

You should get a return from this command like:

"Info: Successfully rebuilt performance counter setting from system backup store"

Restart Rainmeter, and in many cases this will correct issues with the PerfMon plugin.

Lodctr command