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trick: nicer Rotator meters

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trick: nicer Rotator meters

moshi » December 10th, 2013, 10:22 am

there is one thing that has bothered me in all the years with Rainmeter: there is a bug in the Rotator meter that makes images not rotating round, but slightly elliptical.

as this bug is probably not noticable for most people and likely not will be fixed, i thought i could share the solution i found to fix it.

first have a look at what i mean: look at the second hand. on the left hand side you see how it looks if you follow the manual and the tutorial:
on the right hand side you see how it looks after the fix:
everything looks nice between 0 and 15 sec, then it gets worse until 30 sec, stays bad until 45 sec, and then gets better again.

now the trick:
what you got to do is creating a Rotator image, just as if the manual/tutorial was right. make it a square image, that will make things easier. in this case make a 31x31 pixel image.
but when you enter the code in the skin's ini file, just pretend the image is one pixel smaller, so for an 31x31 pixel image use:

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yep, it's weird ... but it works. no matter whether the size is odd or even, no matter whether the image is small or large. just pretend it is one pixel smaller than it actually is and should be.
i have attached an example skin, so you can see it moving:
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