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⭐ - Parsing the V3 JSON - NEW!

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Re: ⭐ - Parsing the V3 JSON - NEW!

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SilverAzide wrote: August 27th, 2020, 12:33 am As of this moment there are 9 simultaneous weather alerts in Lake Charles, LA. I've never seen that many at once. I had to tweak the JSONAlerts file to get them all. Time to get out of town, folks! On the upside, Beta r3404 is working perfectly now.

WxMeter Alert Severe 9a.pngWxMeter Alert Severe 9.png
Thanks for mentioning it - even though I don't use the alerts (I use qualifierPhrase instead, it's simpler to manipulate and such events reflect there as well), I'm interested in how the source looks like during extreme situations (e.g. max number of alerts, max number of chars in a phrase, various formats for the snow amount, that kind of things).