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Rainmeter Terminology

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Re: Rainmeter Terminology

Post by jsmorley »

JoBu wrote:Great info and a good idea.

I do get confused on the suite/config deal though... I always assumed that a Suite was a "Total Package" that included everything, from skins to images, fonts, .inc files and readme's... a single "themed" grouping of skins with all the trimmings. A package, like a software distro.

I always thought Config was just an instance of, like "the current configuration of skins" or something along those lines.

If a Config is a skins folder, then is a Suite also a Config? But a Config isn't necessarily a suite, in that it might not be a single package distributed by a single author?
It's dangerous to try and nail it down exactly. My take on it is that a set of configs/skins that go together, probably but not necessarily by one author, with a common style or theme is a "suite". A "config" is the way Rainmeter the application looks at a single folder containing one or more skins, only one of which can be loaded at a time. A "skin" is one .ini file.

So something like:

--skin variant a
--skin variant b

A suite and a config are not at all the same thing in my mind, as a suite is sort of a collection of configs, all of which contain at least one skin.

The Rainmeter "program" is the only thing that really cares about "configs" as such, although it is VERY important in that context. When referring to things in human terms, most folks just talk about "suites" and the "skins" in a suite. Using the term "config" is usually only important when you are trying to be very specific to solve a technical problem.

However, this stuff gets referred to in lots of ways by folks, and I'm ok with that. I think the only really tricky one is when folks use "suite" and "theme" interchangeably, they are not the same thing at all. A "theme" is a term used only by RainThemes, and really shouldn't be used otherwise or we go down the wrong path trying to help folks.
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Re: Rainmeter Terminology

Post by JoBu »

I see now, thanks for clarifying - it'll help to improve the forums in general to have these terms understood. Great job.