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Folder rearrangements

Posted: June 17th, 2012, 3:58 pm
by poiru
In Rainmeter 2.3 RC several folders have been moved to new locations:
  • Addons have been moved from Program Files\Rainmeter to %APPDATA%\Rainmeter\Addons
  • Non-default plugins have been moved from Program Files\Rainmeter\Plugins\*.dll to

The change was made for several reasons:
  • %APPDATA% is a per-user location whereas Program Files is machine-wide. Since addons and plugins are user-specific components, having them in a per-user location is better.
  • Since %APPDATA% is a per-user location, installing to it does not require UAC elevation. Thus, Skin Installer can install addons and plugins without administrative privileges.

Note that plugins in %APPDATA% cannot override plugins in Program Files.

This change does NOT require changes in skins. We handle everything automatically. But you really should stop using the Addons folder :)

This change affects Standard installations only. Portable installs are not affected.