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disapear when inactive

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disapear when inactive

Post by Stickman00 »

Hello, I started using rainmeter maybe a year ago and since then I wondered and searched for a way to make the skins disappear when my mouse doesn't move ( and reappear when there's movement ). I never used any forum before and now I do because I can't find anything... >>

Please help me! :P
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Re: disapear when inactive

Post by Chewtoy »

Rainmeter can't do that natively. So I'm not sure if it's possible at all.
It could probably be if you have some external program that checks for movement (or if windows already logs this somewhere) and writes something to a log-file. You could then parse that and do something with.
But I'm pretty sure the current answer is no.
You can make skins show up when you go over them though. So they are normally hidden but when you move your mouse over they appear.
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